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From There to Here – A Dentists Story

The hunt for a new location

The end our lease was looming and the hunt for a new location was on. Quite by chance, but mainly by Gods design, Colin drove past a house on Marshland Road with a 'for sale sign' newly posted. One thing led to another and soon the house was his.

Windsor Dental Centre Christchurch 1

Windsor Dental Centre Christchurch 2

Cheerful, Light and Spacious Practice

Pencils poised over plans and eraser handy, minds pouring out ideas the collation of these sessions saw the dawn of the new clinic. Enter Cloud 9 construction crew. First came destruction then the resurrection. Precision and care brought forth our cheerful, light and spacious practice.

Final Polish and Opening Celebration

Friday May 23rd 2014, Moving day - mayhem and chaos in the form of sawdust, paint and people was the order of the day. Our dental equipment lay basking in the sun while the finishing touches were applied and dental chair moved to its position. As each item found its home a sense of order and completion was visible. Sunday afternoon final polish and opening celebration, now all ready for business Monday.

Windsor Dental Centre Christchurch reception

Windsor Dental Centre Christchurch surgery