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Why do dentists recommend dentures?

Why do dentists recommend dentures?  – They do it to restore chewing ability, for the longevity of the remaining teeth and aesthetics.  If you have gaps in your teeth your chewing function, although manageable, is compromised and the teeth bear a higher load than they should.  Teeth at the front of your mouth have a different function to those at the back, if you are utilising front teeth to chew and break down your food they are being worked in a manner that they are not designed for and the condition of these teeth will deteriorate at a more rapid rate.  Your chewing ability will be altered with any denture and you will need to draw on your resources in patience to master the art!  For full upper and lower dentures the concept is to divide your food evenly onto each side of the mouth and chew.  While a partial denture is relatively stable food will make its way under the denture and require you to rinse it after eating, this ensures that your gums aren’t placed under any undue stresses.

Wondering what to choose for filling material, and how safe it is for you?

The team at Windsor Dental have done your homework for you and below is some advantages / disadvantages with the two commonly used materials.  Please note that composite filling material is predominately used in front teeth so this article relates to fillings that are required on the teeth used for chewing from the premolars to molars.

From There to Here – A Dentists Story

The hunt for a new location

The end our lease was looming and the hunt for a new location was on. Quite by chance, but mainly by Gods design, Colin drove past a house on Marshland Road with a 'for sale sign' newly posted. One thing led to another and soon the house was his.